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HIV infection according to WHO is determined by diagnosis based on clinical symptoms and t e type of screening test. According to WHO, phases of HIV infection to AIDS is divided into 4 stages.

Stadium I

Also referred to as the asymptomatic phase of HIV infection and is not categorized as AIDS. At this stage, HIV+ people looks normal, like healthy people in general. Thus, many people may not realize that they have already been infected by HIV (seroconversion)

Stadium II

May includes minor mucocutaneous manifestations and recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract. At this phase, the symptoms may not apparent yet although the virus is already active. People who live low-risk lifestyle might not realize that they have been infected by the virus, so they do not even think of checking themselves for HIV. Consequently, they might not get early treatment for HIV and also making them in a risk of infecting other people.

Stadium III

Symptomatic phase characterized by the development of primary /acute HIV infection symptoms. Possible symptoms (based on the frequency of occurrence) includes recurring fever, muscle pains, skin rashes, swollen lymph glands, unexplained chronic diarrhea that last more than a month, severe bacterial infections, fungal infection of the mouth, and tuberculosis of the lung.

Stadium IV

This stage is called AIDS stage, physically indicated by swollen lymph nodes followed by several opportunistic infections at once such as toxoplasmosis of the brain, candidiasis of the esophagus, trachea, bronchi or lungs, and Kaposi's sarcoma. Infection caused by HIV is used as indicator of AIDS stage, which means that the immune system has been severely damaged. An occurrence of several diseases caused by HIV in a HIV+ patient at the same time is the final stage of HIV infection and can be measured by a CD4 count less than 200.


Based on the above information, it is can be decided as AIDS symptoms when an HIV+ person has shown stage III's signs and stage IV's infections. More than 50% people infected by HIV develop a flu-like illness known as primary/acute HIV infection symptoms. In general, these symptoms may occur several days after HIV exposure and continued for about 2-6 weeks. The symptoms may vary from mild to severe and around 42% HIV+ require hospitalization. These primary infection symptoms may include general symptoms such as fever, muscle ache, joints ache and fatigue or also mucocutaneous disorder such as skin rashes, mouth or genital ulcer.

About 50% new HIV infection cases are accompanied by swelling of lymph nodes. Other symptoms may include neurological disorder (nerve) in the form of headache, pain behind the eyes, photophobia, or depression. Other neurological disorder may also develop in the form of meningitis, anorexia, diarrhea and fungal infection of the mouth.

Frequency (%)
General Fever
Muscle pain
Joint pain

54 %

Mucocutaneous Skin rashes
Mouth ulcer
70 %
12 %
Lymphadenopathy Swollen lymph nodes
74 %
Neurology Headache
Pain behind the eyes
32 %
12 %
Digestive Anorexia
Fungal infection of the mouth
32 %
12 %

The above table of HIV symptoms can serve as a guideline for anyone to check the stage of HIV infection someone is at. If someone is at the phase I, it does not mean that s/he is already dying. The most reasonable and inexpensive choice to face that is by using supplements which is not as harsh as chemical medicines in order to maintain the body's immune capacity, so that the virus will not have any chances to further damage the immune cells which might make her/him susceptible to opportunistic infections.



Article translated by : Khairina Widyanti
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