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Sample of Java Herbal Pill Package
one package include 4 bottles of JHP,
and each bottle consist 315 pills.

Sample of a dried ingredient form of
Java Herbal Pill.

After a well mix with all other ingredients, together with Beta Vulgaris Fructus binding all JHP components into a pill form.



Pre Clinical Experiment & Research on Java Herbal Pill :
1. Toxicity Test
2. Clinical Trial (Phase I on CD4 & Body Mass)
3. Clinical Trial (Phase II on Viral Load counts)

1. Toxicity Test
We co-operate with the Faculty of Pharmacy Of Bandung Institute Of Technology.
Acute Toxicity Test carried out on mice.
Maximum safe dose, determined is stil remains safe up to 80 times of regular dosage.
Results prove that normal administration of Java Herbal Pill is safe.

2. Clinical Trial (Phase I on CD4 & Body Mass)
Start August 2004, treatment was done on 3 HIV/AIDS patients in Bandung City, Indonesia with the assistance of a doctor. Blood samples of those patients are checked at Dharmais Hospital - Jakarta thru Pramita Laboratory - Bandung.

With Clinical Trial Phase I Result on 3 sufferers is :

Shows CD4 Raise and body mass raise within a month.

Shows CD4 raising in graphics.

Shows Body Mass raising graphics to their ideal weights as normal.

These clinical results are taken from one month of The Java Herbal Pill Traditional
Therapy trial during the period August 2004 - September 2004 with the assistance
of dr. Yanni Nuraini (+62-818-647215), in Bandung, Indonesia.

2. Clinical Trial (Phase II on Viral Load Counts)
Blood test for Viral Load test we use is using Pramita Laboratory and Dharmais Hospital in Indonesia. And the result is :

Viral Load counts is decreased from :
3941 copies/ml -- to --> 1530 copies/ml -- to --> 713 copies/ml -- to --> 410 copies/ml

Research to more JHP user on Viral Load decreasing rate is : JHP works well by decreasing virus in patients blood ranging from 50% to 30% of their latest Viral Counts which stated at their previous blood test before consuming JHP and it keep work this way in the next months. Which is enable us to predict how long a patient will reach to : Undetected Viral Load rate at their blood test.

Note : Most of Viral Load blood test in Indonesia only able to read number of virus minimum : 400 copies/ml. Therefore records of typical on how JHP work in a patient body is very useful to know how much their viral load left when it is become Undetected numbers (too low to read by some viral load reagen).

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