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What it Natural Herbal Remedies?

Natural Herbal Remedies : Is treatment that does not use additive synthetic chemical materials. In Indonesia, healing using herbal medicine has a special name, namely "Jamu", and "Jamu" as herbal medicine also have traditional connotations, because jamu in Indonesia come from very old traditions, and existed very long before modern pharmaceutical science entered Indonesia. In the recipe for making Indonesian natural herbal medicine (Jamu), some formulas are very old, and are stil used today with good healing properties of efficacy.

In Indonesian herbal medication world, herbasl are devided into three by Pharmaceutical Sciences :

Traditional Herbal Medicine
Reffered to / called as : Jamu Tradisional
Where materials used in formula are based on evidence of efficacy properties known for generations. The ingredients used in formula are include parts of stem, roots and leaves of the plant.
Standardized Herbal Medicine
Reffered to / called as : Jamu Terstandar
Where the ingredients used in formula are based of efficacy's evidence in laboratory. Material used at this class are more specific, For example: only part of the leaf, the stem or just the root. The method of Standardized herbal medicine is also more specific and hygienic, so that the similarity of efficacy for each package can be achieved.
Herbal Medical Treatment
Reffered to / called as : Jamu Modern / Herbal Modern or PhytoPharmacy
Where the ingredients used in formula are based of efficacy's evidence in laboratory, and also, material used are active compounds of specific parts of a plant. For example : active compounds in Phyllanthus niruri (meniran) are : Lignan, Flavonoid, alkaloid, triterpenoid, fatty acid, vitamin C, kalium, damar, tanin, geranin, phyllanthin and hypophyllanthin. In Herbal Medical Treatment / Phytopharmacy Class, we will only using the Flavonoid compound of Phyllanthus ninuri.

Currently in Indonesia, we can have a ready to use (instant form) of : Traditional Herbal, Standardized Herbal, and Medical Herbal or Phytopharmacy Herbal that packed in an advanced packaging. They also available in : pills form, capsules form or syrup drink. Indonesian Herbal now are serves us in many different forms to make it even easier to consume, together with the development of technology herbal now are produces in many different forms in purpose to make it easier for consumers to drink herbal regularly, especially if the herbal is served as medication to a certain sickness which needs regularity consumption for a period of time.

Examples of ready to use Herbal Products (Production of PT. Javanessia) :


Standardized Herbal for Hemoroid, product form : bathing tea.
* * * * *
Not for drink , for bathing only, Not causing any pain while using. Result of efficacy can be feel in 24 hours after use.
* * * * *
Price IDR 250.000,- /1 box
each tea bag can be used up to 3 times.
dimension of tea bag: 10 x 10 cm of triangle pyramide.

Promotion Price: contact agent!

2 Standardized Herbal for Parathypus (Thypus) , Product form : Pills.
* * * * *
Product price IDR 150.000,- /1 box
* * * * *
can be use up to 3x consumption, for 1 day full. consume 30 small pills, as writen in dosage. For best result use 2 box.
* * * * *
Efficacy can be seen by laboratory test or feel in 24 hours.
3 Standardized Herbal for Dengue Fever, product form : Pills.
* * * * *
Product Price: IDR 150.000,- /1 box.
can be used up to 3x consumption, 1 day full.
* * * * *
Dosage 3x 15 pills per day. Result can be seen in 3 days by laboratory test of trombocyt.
4 Standardized Herbal for Cancer, product form: capsules.
* * * * *
Product Price : IDR 1.500.000,- /4 bottles (or IDR 375.000 each bottles).
* * * * *
as medication 1 packages can be used for 30 days consumption. drink 4-6 capsules, 3 times a day.
* * * * *
Efficacy can be seen by Ca (for Cancer) laboratory test after 1st month consumption.



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