Sample of Java Herbal Pill Package
one package include 4 bottles of JHP,
and each bottle consist 315 pills.

Sample of a dried ingredient form of
Java Herbal Pill.

After a well mix with all other ingredients, together with Beta Vulgaris Fructus binding all JHP components into a pill form.



Discovery From the Past Centuries of Javanesse Herbal Traditions

.. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .
Java Herbal Pill (JHP) good effect is quickly feel only 15-30 first minute after consuming “Java Herbal Pill” (as a warm feeling that arise in whole body). It is made 100% from natural product made “Java Herbal Pill” has no negative side effect and safe to be consume by children. JHP product has been tested and it's efficacy is proven and also registered in Indonesian FDA by POM TR. 053.445.501 registration number.

Phases felt by HIV / AIDS sufferers after consuming the
Java Herbal Pill are:
- First 15 minutes, a warm feeling arise in whole body.
- First 3 hours, unsual energy is felt to do activities
. outside the normal routine. Which is good for them who
. ussualy easy feel fatique and weak.
- In a couple of days (arround 3 to 6 days) depending
. on the HIV/AIDS sufferers condition. They will have
. developed a big appetite for food.
- If the patient or the sufferers consume the Java
. Herbal Pill regularly everyday, 3 to 4 times per day, then
. their imune recovery will reached . within a minimum
. range of time, arround 20 to 30 . days, depending on
. their HIV/AIDS damage and HIV/AIDS phase in
. sufferers body)

Blood Test

Before starting to consume Java Herbal Pill Medicine, sufferrers expected to have a
blood test :

Antibody/ Antigen Blood test : AntiHIV Blood Test,
The normal result of this test shud be : (negative)
(Before start using JHP, patient dont need to get a new AntiHIV test if they already get previous test which mention they have Positive HIV). But a Viral Load test is important to know by how much number of viruses you start with, before you starting JHP .
CD4 (Lympocyte T Helper) / Imune System
Normal number of CD4 is between 410 - 1590.
Viral Load (HIV viral rate per ml of blood)
A normal HIV Viral Load result is : 0
(In Indonesia, Viral Load only able to detect virus above 400 copies, If it is under 400 copies it showed as undetected virus counts). In this case patient can use CD4 test as instrument to have a scheduled health test.
At Javanessia, we cooperate with Prodia Laboratory, they use advanced reagent "HIV-1 RNA Realtime II Generation. Which able to detect virus to 10 copies /ml of blood.
D NAT (Nucleic Acid Test)
Is a new test, which giving result / showing if there is a HIV Virus DNA detected in our blood or not. This type of test can give us result if we are infected by the virus or not, within a minimum periode of 5 days after we done any risky activity which can cause us got infected by HIV. This new technology, made the window period getting shorter. A patient doesn't need to wait until 3 months til 1 year to know if they got infected as by antibody test.
Anti HCV 
Is only for HIV patient, which also got hepatitic C.
A normal Anti HCV result is : Negative
(this necesary to know if patient also have opportunistic reaction such as Hepatitic, although JHP dont cause damage to liver/hepar but Anti HCV test result ussualy come with the index of the hepatitic virus, which might be effected by JHP: getting a lowered HCV index).

If you would like to see the change that happens in a sufferer's body, you can have a blood
test 2 week or 1 month after regular consumption of Java Herbal Pill. You can see clearly the difference of Immune System raise and virus rate in the patient's blood, before and after consuming
Java Herbal Pill (JHP). Consumption in high doses remains safe, and will not generate any negative side effect.

Long Term Usage of JHP

Long term usage of Java Herbal Pill is safe, although it not causing addiction and it's imune system getting better and viral load become undetected, It is wise if patients keep continue consume Java Herbal Pill at lower dosage every month as their daily supplement, about 10 to 5 pills three times everyday after meals.

The Usage of Java Herbal Pill with another treatment

Clinical test of Java Herbal Pill on different kind of patients with different therapy has ben
tested and the result is :

1. Java Herbal Pill is safe and giving good impact to consume by HIV/AIDS sufferers which
. . dont plan to use sintetic chemical treatment such as ARV, since they know they got HIV.

2. Java Herbal Pill is safe and giving good impact to HIV/AIDS sufferers which plan to
. . leave their previous treatment (e.q ARV).

3. Java Herbal Pill is safe and stil giving good impact to HIV/AIDS sufferers which wants to
. . keep their ARV treatment together with herbal treatment. In this case, patient will be
. .advice to consume after 1 hour of the other medicine and drink alot of water for this 3
. .different kind of
JHP usage is a must. (Normal amount of water we need to drink per day
. .is 1 litter).
Try to have that amount of water during this treatment.


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