Sample of Java Herbal Pill Package
one package include 4 bottles of JHP,
and each bottle consist 315 pills.

Sample of a dried ingredient form of
Java Herbal Pill.

After a well mix with all other ingredients, together with Beta Vulgaris Fructus
binding all JHP components
into a pill form.



Discovery From the Past Centuries of Javanesse Herbal Traditions

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Java Herbal Pill (JHP) is a herbal discovery for HIV. Java Herbal Pill (JHP) proof can help to maintain the body of HIV/AIDS patients by decreasing HIV virus rate in the blood of HIV/AIDS patients. The advantage by using “Java Herbal Pill” is that JHP made from 100% natural product, which made it as a product that has no negative side effect and safe to be consume by children. JHP product has been through preclinical tests, also clinicaly test which prove as safe product also efective to be use by HIV patients. The effect of using Java Herbal Pill (JHP) is quickly feel only 15-30 minute after consuming (as a warm feeling that arise in whole body) . JHP product has been registered also in Indonesian FDA.

JAVANESSIA has been focused on researching herbal medicine for HIV and AIDS. Because there was no therapy to cure HIV and AIDS and Hepatitis C altogether (this ussualy comes together with HIV by Injection Drugs Usage) which safe for a HIV & AIDS patient to consume. Common sintetic medicine ussualy affected hepar (liver) and kidney which is making their Hepatitic stadium geting worse. And the other effect that can not be tolerate is when the symptoms drugs toxicity start appear in the body of HIV and AIDS sufferers which makes them become more uncomfortable beside the appearance the symptoms of HIV it self.

Previously cures have been focused on purely retarding the disease and have not dealt with the cause. Java Herbal Pill (JHP) have found not only the means of retarding the disease but it will also help to heal AIDS / or HIV infected patients to be able to work and life as normal with their Viral Load rate getting lower.

Evidence Proof of JHP Eficacy
Bukti Khasiat JHP


Viral Load : VL
(Viral Rate/Viral Count)
Before After Before After
Lab Result CD4 : 5 Lab Result CD4 : 239 VL: 3.080.000 Result VL: 8.800
CD4 Raise:
234 ml/ul (in 1 month)
Viral Load decrease :
3.071.200 copies (in 3 months)

Patient Name: Ade
Gender : Male
Patient Photo (liputan 6 siang SCTV)

Patient Name : Amy
Gender : Female
Patient Photo (liputan 6 siang SCTV)
Conclusion :
By efidence proof (laboratory result) JHP is effective for raising immune system at HIV Sufferers.
Conclusion :
By efidence proof (laboratory result) JHP is effective for decreasing the number of Viral rate at HIV sufferers.

Based on the above data and graphic, it can be concluded that :
1. JHP can be used both men and women.
2. JHP can be used for the purpose of improving the immune system (CD4),
3. JHP can be used to lower the amount of HIV virus in the blood
4. Based on the results of laboratory examinations healing signs of HIV infection can be seen in the first month.
5. JHP also improve the quality oand the ability of a person's life


JHP (Java Herbal Pill) is proven of fast body respond on CD4 (immune system) raise within in 1 month. And also Viral Load rate which is getting lower about 50%-30% from patient's previous Viral Load rate counts. Long term usage of JHP has been tested and the result is: JHP do not give any negative side effect to human body (which is a best achievement in any medication formulation). JHP safe for kidney and hepar, also helping hepar (liver) and kidney cells regeneration to become better. Therefore It is very important to do hiv test such as : Viral Load blood test and CD4 blood test minimum 30 minutes before start to consume Java Herbal Pill (JHP) at very first time. It is to check and compare the immune system (thru CD4 test) and viral rate (by Viral Load test) before and after consume JHP in one or two month.

These HIV Natural Remedies is a treatment with herbs which produce in pills form. The Java Herbal Pill can decrease the virus in human being body safely within a very brief period. Through a laboratory blood test, progress can be seen in 20 - 30 days (with regular usage of the right dose and healthy lifestyle). HIV patient will need to have 10 to 15 pills, three times daily after or before meals.

Progress felt by the AIDS patient or HIV virus sufferers can be obtained in a very brief period of time. Ranging from the first 15 minutes to 1 month. Java Herbal Pill will be absorbed and permeated directly by the body and reacts very brief of time.

Toxicity test on pre Clinical test of JHP shows that a high dose usage until 80 times from regular dosage determined stil good to the patient because the ingredients of Java Herbal Pill (JHP) do not cause any negative side effect. Therefore it is safe for consumption by children and also babies. This suggests that nursing mothers can consume the Java Herbal Pill (JHP) without harming their baby, which is actualy she also feeding the baby with JHP that she had consume. But nursing mother (breast feeding mother) must try to feed the baby by putting her breast milk into bottle first and give it to the baby, to lower the risk mother infection to her baby through open wound /blisters at nipple and blister arround baby's mouth at nursing process and new baby's teeth growth.



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